Quantum Health has full Network Rail and Link-up accreditation to carry out Personal Track Safety medicals (PTS) either on-site or at our clinic.

We adhere to railway standards and can also perform drugs and alcohol testing.

Our aims are to promote the health and safety of railway employees and to help managers prevent, where possible, incidents which could potentially cause injury to others as a result of ill-health or a failure to meet safety-critical criteria.

We ensure that our occupational health staff are aware of current Railtrack and PTS standards, are trained and accredited appropriately, and are recertified at regular intervals.

Pre Placement Medical Paper Screening London

It is a requirement of London Underground and all rail tracks that all personnel who require track certification training must be medically assessed before training begins.

Quantum Health fully-trained doctors and nurses conduct the required London Underground Medicals – Protection Master, Track Competent and Track Accustomed medicals – to the appropriate specifications and standards.

Their efforts help London Underground to ensure that all staff with critical duties on or near the track do not have any medical conditions that would put themselves or their colleagues in danger.

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