Due to Absenteeism 131 million days were lost due to sickness absence in 2013. Absenteeism is a common issue across workplaces of all sizes and sectors; a common goal we share with your organisation is the desire to reduce disruption and cost of absenteeism.

Quantum health’s pro-active approach to sickness absence seeks to get your employees back to a meaningful job role as soon as possible.

Quantum Health delivers clinical expertise and tailored advice for all manner of absenteeism concerns including; Repeated short-term absence and l ong-term absence.

Health Surveillances to ensure ongoing environmental health for staff in the workplace and minimise claims
Health Surveillance

Our services are proven to deliver a reduction in both short and long-term sickness absence.

Adjustments in the workplace (i.e. disability or other known, presenting conditions);

Planning a return-to-work following sickness or incident; and

Concerns over an employee’s fitness (i.e. suspected substance abuse or reduced productivity and engagement at work).

Our goal is to provide robust, evidence-based recommendations and advice supported by current legal statues in Occupational Health and Employee law.

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